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Streamlining Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance for Your Supply Chain

Navigating the complex landscapes of food safety requirements can be overwhelming from Rule 204, FSMA, HACCP, FSVP, PCQI, and the Sanitary Rule, understanding and implementing these standards demand practical solutions. That’s where I come in — I’m here to help make sense of it all for your operation.

Unique Perspective , Unparalleled Expertise

With over 25 years as a dedicated Food Safety Professional, I offer a distinctive approach to regulatory compliance. My practical hands-on experience combined with a keen understanding of essential business practices ensures success in meeting food safety regulations.

I provide my services to growers, processors/manufacturers, foodservice operations, retailers, distributors, attorneys, and insurers. Whatever your role in the industry, I can tailor solutions to suit your specific needs.

Credentials: Masters of Jurisprudence Food Law, MS Food Safety, CIA Culinary Degree


My Food Safety Partner
My Food Safety Partner

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+1 702 506 1174
+1 702 506 1174
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