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I use journaling to manifest my desires in life.

Since 2015, I maintained this practice, reaping the reward of achieving many of my goals over the past 7 years.

You can hear more about that journey by exploring the links below.

I intend to help inspire others to realize their power to Purposefully and Intentionally create their reality.

My company, NuWorld Energy, is focused on residential electrification, offering a one-stop shop for everyone looking to electrify their homes.

We Aim to Decarbonize 1 Million Homes Across America over the next 5 years as we lead the charge toward a greener future for all.

Learn more by clicking the link in the contact section.

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My "Professional" Hat AKA The Company :)
My "Professional" Hat AKA The Company :)

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+1 631 710 1200
+1 631 710 1200
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