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HIPAA Certified
20 Years in Operations
Marine Veteran


David Martinez, a founding member and COO at Platinum IDS, combines military discipline from his US Marine Corps service with strategic acumen. He expertly manages Operations, Finance, HR, and Facility Management, bringing clarity and vision to complex challenges. His leadership, marked by analytical and creative problem-solving, drives operational efficiency and a culture of growth and inclusivity, leading to significant growth and streamlining at Platinum IDS.Guided by David, Platinum IDS has reinforced its leadership in the eDiscovery and legal support sector. His visionary outlook, anticipating and adapting to industry trends, ensures our cutting-edge stance. David's forward-thinking leadership remains pivotal to our ongoing success and growth in the legal technology field.

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Platinum IDS: Trial Services Overview
Platinum IDS: Trial Services Overview
Landing Page: Cost Confidence Pilot
Landing Page: Cost Confidence Pilot


Platinum Intelligent Data Solutions. Cost Confidence - All Inclusive eDiscovery Works for You.

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+1 214 288 7062
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