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Empowering humans to solve complex challenges!

Szymon is known for his innovation, visionary perspective and strategic approach to solving system challenges.

Szymon’s greatest strength is understanding people and seeking opportunities to connect with others to drive positive change.

Focused on advancing the quality of health systems and health profession education globally, Szymon and MorFokus have led innovative projects for health systems nationally and internationally.

For fun, Szymon enjoys supporting humans to achieve their true potential; with a knack for business startups and a finesse in interpersonal communication, Szymon is always looking for the next business venture to grow!

Szymon holds an Executive MBA specializing in Global Leadership and lives with his family in Sidney, BC, Canada, with MorFokus partners and consultants distributed across Canada.

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+1 604 359 7710
+1 604 359 7710
Location: Sidney,  British Columbia,  Canada
Location: Sidney, British Columbia, Canada