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Hi! I'm Bobby Dorlus, aka "BobbyD." I'm the proud Founder and CEO of #TheTechHustle, a community that's not just about technology but is a beacon for inspiration, learning, and career progression, particularly for underrepresented techies. This endeavor is my way of forging a space where like-minded individuals can engage, grow, and excel amidst the unique dynamics of the tech industry.

Before setting the cornerstone for #TheTechHustle, my professional path was significantly shaped by my nearly a decade tenure at Twitter. There, I ascended to the role of Sr Staff Engineer and earned my leadership stripe as the SRE Tech Lead for one of the world's largest compute clusters. This role was more than about technical oversight; it was about supporting a platform that powered voices worldwide.

In the wake of my departure from Twitter, my hearts endeavor lies #TheTechHustle, a pioneering tech community birthed from my profound experiences as a Black Technologist.

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BobbyD's Speakers Sheet
BobbyD's Speakers Sheet
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Blog featuring BobbyD


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